Dillon Moltz: Driver, Owner/Founder
Birthdate: June 16, 1991
Home Town: Waterford, Connecticut

Dillon started his career at Little-T Speedway, in Thompson, CT, where he raced a Quarter Midget.  In 2003, Dillon got his first championship in the Senior Honda Division.  Moltz transferred his talent to the Allison Legacy Series and took the North Championship his rookie year, in 2005.  After only racing the Allison Legacy Series for one year, the 14 year-old moved to a car that could provide him with more speed.  He found his niche in a Pro-All Star Series (P.A.S.S.) Outlaw Late Model.  In 2006, Dillon finished fifth in the 500 horsepower, 2,600-pound racecar.  After the P.A.S.S. tour, 15 year-old Moltz still wanted more of a challenge. 

Dillon then decided the Late Model Division at Stafford Motor Speedway could fill that void.  There was still one problem; the NASCAR rules stated you must be 16 years of age to run the Late Model Division.  Dillon waited patently, until he turned 16.  The season was halfway done, when he could finally jump into the driver’s seat of his Late Model.  Within his first year at Stafford Motor Speedway, Dillon took home two feature wins.  This made him the youngest driver in Stafford’s history, under that set of NASCAR rules, to visit victory lane.  Moltz than returned to Stafford in 2008, where he took home five wins, two being 100-lap events.  He became the second driver in Stafford’s history to win two, 100-lap events in a row.  Moltz also finished second in points in 2008, after completing his first full Late Model season.  Not only did Dillon graduate from high school in 2009, but also became the first driver at Stafford to win three consecutive 100-lap events. Moltz finished out his 2009 season with five wins, and ended up third in points.

2010, however shined a different light on Dillon’s racing career.  Moltz finally got the chance he had always wanted.  He was one of twelve selected, to participate in the Richard Petty's Driver Search.  He traveled to North Carolina and did what he does best; perform well and drive consistently.  After one week, Dillon became the Inaugural Winner of the Richard Petty Driver Search.  As the winner for the search, Dillon received the opportunity to race in an ARCA series race at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania.  This was his first time racing on a 2.5 mile super speedway.  He qualified 16th out of 40 racecars, and advanced to the race on July 31, 2010.  Dillon started 16th in the Richard Petty's Driver SearchARCA car and finished 20th

In addition to the Driver Search, Moltz also finished third in his 2010 Late Model season with two wins.  He also received the award for the most popular Late Model driver at Stafford Motor Speedway.  The fans at the speedway voted upon this award over the course of the entire season. 

Moltz continued in the Late Model division at Stafford Motor Speedway for the 2011 season.  He was able to capture three 30-lap feature finishes over the course of the season.  Dillon finished out his fourth Late Model season finishing third in points. 

Dillon Moltz is very talented driver and has the ability to adapt to different cars and tracks very easily.  Along with driving Quarter Midgets, the Allison Legacy Series, the Pro-All Star Series (P.A.S.S.) Outlaw Late Model, and the Late Model Division for one or more seasons that is not all Moltz has experience driving.  Dillon as also has experience driving SK Modifies, an ARCA car, and an ACT Late Model. 


Career Highlights:
2003: Quarter Midget, Senior Honda Champion
2005: Allison Legacy North Champion
2006: Finished fifth in the P.A.S.S. Outlaw Late Model Series
2007: Youngest driver to win a Late Model Feature Event at Stafford Motor Speedway
2008: Finished second in the Late Model Division at Stafford
2009: First driver in Stafford’s history to win three 100-lap events in a row
  Finished third in points in the Stafford Late Model Division
2010: Inaugural Winner of the Richard Petty's Driver Search
  Finished third in the Late Model Division at Stafford
2011: Finished third in point in Stafford Late Model Division